Data loss issue: Adjacent List Types

David Parsons orc at
Mon Jun 13 17:10:25 EDT 2011

On Jun 13, 2011, at 1:02 PM, Alan Hogan wrote:

> If you don't mind me reviving this issue, I just thought of another

> use case in which this bug, in its augmented definition that

> includes different list type markers, could rear its head.


> Consider this source document:


> ~~~~~~~~


> Pros and Cons:


> + Tasty

> + Can sell wings and hooves as well as meat

> + Only I know where to find them (obscene profits!)


> - Endangered

> - Hard to market as most people will believe to be a hoax

That's a good example, but it would also require carrying
over the item marker which is another thing that's not
supported yet (though I would say that it would fall into
the "to-be-supported-later" bucket that paying attention
to list markers for enumerated lists is already in.)

And now that I think about it, one problem with a feature
that requires class awareness is what happens with a syndication
feed that strips away the class arguments and simply spits out
vanilla html? That would be a pretty radical change in meaning
from a wire article that's got what looks like one big list with
a paragraph break in the middle to the fully cssed webpage that's
got the plusses and minuses neatly laid out. As markdown sits
right now, stripping away the css just results in a more vanilla

-david parsons

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