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seumas said:

> Same reason I'm responding

great! i love lighthearted discussion! :+)

> If we were only worried about markup we'd

> just use html, or maybe restructured text, or

but if you were unconcerned about markup,
you'd just use plain-text, without markdown.

> Which is one of the goals of zml but not markdown.

ok... then again, i was _talking_ about z.m.l.,
and the general issue of auto-assigning an i.d.,
as well as markdown-extra and multimarkdown,
and pandoc too, in terms of that general issue,
one that's ignored completely in gruber's version.
all in all, i think it was an encompassing overview,
one doing justice to the issue and its complications.

different use-cases are gonna have differing values,
but that's a good thing because it broadens our view.

> I don't really see an advantage to unique headers

did you look at the examples i gave, from the manual
for multimarkdown? i think the case is fairly obvious.

i think for any specific instances you examine, you'll
find it often helps to go unique, rarely (if ever) hurts.

i'd say i see non-advantages to non-unique headers...

> That's something that can be handled

> as a post-process

in my workflow, there is no "post-process". and still,
why put off until post-process what you can do now?

> I got distracted with all the multiple blank lines

whoa! seumus! you "got distracted" by blank lines?
that's getting tripped by the absence of your shadow!
you are obviously more zen than i am... :+)

> I agree that too much markup gums up the editing

> - and especially the composing. Less is more.

right. writing and rewriting. that's what "editing" is, to me...
everything that happens from blank page to polished product.

and angle-brackets are a terrible distraction.

> In general light markup is "cool" because it allows

> "cool" writing and editing without using html for those

> who can't be bothered.

this is where we agree, yes.

.html is tedium that can be auto-applied after the editing.
(or any midpoint within the process of doing the editing.)

> It's not why I use markdown and

> I don't really care if it's cool or not.

> I don't have a blog that I use a light markup for.

> I don't have a public website that I keep updated

> using a light markup for content. I just

> organize my own personal offline information using it.

interesting. i don't think that you are the typical use-case,
but i would love to hear exactly how your system works and
how markdown adds value to what sounds like a text-base.

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