markdown conversions

Richard Caldwell nrc at
Sun Jun 26 16:12:33 EDT 2011

If it matters, I would characterize this as more affable
than light hearted.

> From: Bowerbird at

> > in the mission of Markdown


> i was talking about my own system,

> which doesn't give a stinky fart about

> "the mission of markdown", thank you. :+)

And that's fine. We're all free to scratch our own itch.
But this is a list for discussing Markdown and what you were
comparing to is a Markdown extension. It seems reasonable
to comment on that in the context of the purpose behind

> > that the content comes first and

> > it should never be dictated or

> > impacted by the markup.


> except the markup is the whole purpose of markdown.

I would disagree with that. The purpose of Markdown is to
allow the creation of plain text documents that are human
readable but which can be automatically formatted into rich web
text. The markup is just a mechanism used to achieve that

> simply because nobody's gonna read the markdown file.

I certainly do. I use Markdown not only for the ease of
editing, but the ease of search and access. I use Markdown
for all my notes and documentation. When I refer back to them
I almost always use the plain text document. Usually the
formatted version is posted to the web or published as a PDF
for the benefit of others.

It sounds like you're content to solve your own problem in your
own way, which is fine. If you're not saying anything about how
Markdown or Markdown extensions should operate then it doesn't
really matter to me.

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