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Fletcher T. Penney fletcher at fletcherpenney.net
Tue Jun 28 15:27:28 EDT 2011

Since MultiMarkdown is now based on peg-markdown, I'm quite excited about this. I only had time to glance at the source for a moment. You comment that the .leg file you use is modified slightly from MacFarlane's.

How complex is the conversion? Is it possible to create a script to modify his file to become your file? The reasons I ask are:

1) If there was a script to make the conversion, it would be easy to update your code whenever he updates his version without bugging you

2) It could be possible for me to do the same thing with MMD so that the highlighter works with MMD-specific syntax features.

This would be fantastic! It would be ridiculously easy to create a very simple app that did MD/MMD syntax highlighting and then processing to HTML or LaTeX or ODF(FODT) - at least on the Mac side.

Thanks for announcing this!!


On Jun 28, 2011, at 2:51 PM, Ali Rantakari wrote:

> Dear fellow Markdown enthusiasts,


> As you all might know, Markdown is a highly context sensitive language that the (often regex-based) syntax highlighting mechanisms in existing editors struggle to keep up with.


> I have taken John MacFarlane's excellent peg-markdown compiler and modified its parser to function as an interpreter for syntax highlighting purposes. The end result is a Markdown-specific syntax highlighter that should be able to match Markdown documents just as correctly as peg-markdown can, and that can easily be integrated into existing and new programs.


> You can find all the relevant information at the project web page:


> <http://hasseg.org/peg-markdown-highlight>



> best,

> - Ali Rantakari



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