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Wed Jun 29 04:03:54 EDT 2011

Related to this:

For some time now there is a [markdown plugin][1] for the IntelliJ IDEA IDE and all derived ones (RubyMine, PhpStorm, etc). that does exactly what Ali is describing: syntax-highlighting based on the parser of an actual markdown processor, which in this case is [pegdown][2], that started off as a java port of John MacFarlane's peg-markdown.

The way this works:
pegdown does its markdown-to-HTML in two phases:
1. parsing of the markdown source into an Abstract Syntax Tree
2. serialization of the AST to HTML

Since the AST generated in phase 1 retains all positional information about the underlying markdown source it's very easy to syntax-highlight the editor buffer based solely on this AST (which is exactly what the plugin is doing).

So if anyone is looking for a markdown syntax-highlighting solution for the JVM pegdown is probably something to look at.
For C-based applications the peg-markdown-highlight by Ali is certainly the better choice...


[1]: https://github.com/nicoulaj/idea-markdown
[2]: http://www.pegdown.org

mathias at parboiled.org

On 28.06.2011, at 20:51, Ali Rantakari wrote:

> Dear fellow Markdown enthusiasts,


> As you all might know, Markdown is a highly context sensitive language that the (often regex-based) syntax highlighting mechanisms in existing editors struggle to keep up with.


> I have taken John MacFarlane's excellent peg-markdown compiler and modified its parser to function as an interpreter for syntax highlighting purposes. The end result is a Markdown-specific syntax highlighter that should be able to match Markdown documents just as correctly as peg-markdown can, and that can easily be integrated into existing and new programs.


> You can find all the relevant information at the project web page:


> <http://hasseg.org/peg-markdown-highlight>



> best,

> - Ali Rantakari



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