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Benoit Perdu - TransMékong benoit at
Tue May 10 22:08:53 EDT 2011

True, this is no prose, and true too there is no code yet, but I
appreciate the effort,
as someone who tries to get a herd of writers with some tabular data to
include the data
in the text.

The alternative being, in fact, as heavy as implementing a database
repository for the
tables and including ugly imports in the markdown text.

For now, I am using Michel Frotin's PHP Markdown Extra, which does the
simple tricks but
indeed still leaves me hungry.

I am turning towards Python/Django for further developments, but still
am running some
PHP for the sake of Markdown tables alone. A unified specification that
could be agreed
upon would make it easier for us to know where to head our arrows. In
that sense, I
agree with David for the need of some, even stub, implementation.


[David Parsons wrote]

> Note that is says "easy to read, write, and edit prose" -- "prose" not

> tabular data. Taking this (along with the rest of that section of the

> document, it is clear (to me at least) that there is no place for a

> table syntax in markdown. Now, if you want to implement a third party

> add-on, fine. And if that third party add-on becomes popular, then

> maybe others will add it to there implementations as well. Maybe,

> eventually, if a single format becomes popular enough, the community

> at large will accept it. Until then, I'm not interested. If you want

> it, go build it!


> [1]:

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