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i'm not sure persistence will do you much good.
nobody seems to have a desire to work together.
which is likely why there are 39 implementations.

an appeal on behalf of readers seems misguided,
since very few people are reading markdown text.

but a more potent case can be made for _re-use_.
the more easily content can be remixed, the better.

for my contender in the light-markup derby --
zen markup language (zml) -- to facilitate re-use,
my goal is that users can "round-trip" the text...

so if they copy the text out of the .pdf and use it
to create _another_ .pdf, the two will be identical.

likewise, if they copy the text from a web-browser,
it will match the .zml file which created that .html.

or copy the text out of one version (.html or .pdf)
and use it to create the other version, just like that.

i am coming very close in both cases. it'll certainly
be the case that some global changes will always be
required to restore the original .zml, but if i get it
down to just a few, that will be an accomplishment.

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