Proposed table specification (long!)

David Parsons orc at
Sun May 15 13:35:45 EDT 2011

On May 15, 2011, at 10:17 AM, Bowerbird at wrote:

> simon-


> i'm not sure persistence will do you much good.

> nobody seems to have a desire to work together.

> which is likely why there are 39 implementations.


I can't speak for 37 of the 39 implementations, but I know that
in my case I *do* desire to work with the reference implementation;
the detail that I'm doing it in G-d's own programming language(tm)
was an artifact of not wanting to carry around Perl (Or python, or
any of the other interpreted web scripting languages) just to have
a reasonable markup language available to maintain my web pages.

The existance of the markdown discussion list is pretty good evidence
that there's a desire to work together.

-david parsons

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