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Bowerbird at aol.com Bowerbird at aol.com
Sat Nov 19 17:36:17 EST 2011

"multimarkdown composer" has been out for 4 weeks now,
so let's mosey on over to the app store to see what it says...

"composer" is #184 in productivity apps, a bit disappointing,
considering that it was in the top-20 when it first came out...
it's gained only 5 reviews over the 18 it had right off the bat.

perhaps even more surprising, to some, is that "marked" is
at #356 in productivity apps, which is a solid indication that
the editing+display coupling produced by "composer" trumps
the use-any-text-editor-you-like generality "marked" offers.
(note also that "marked" is even at a much lower price-point.)

and maybe the biggest surprise of all, to some, is the newish
"markdownnote", which appears at #115 in productivity apps.
"markdownnote" has been available on ipad for a while, and
is something of an enigma. its big liability is that it supports
nothing more than gruber's flawed formulation, but its asset
is that it has the edit-on-one-side-with-display-on-the-other
basic interface which i consider to be vital for this type of app.
(you might recall that fletcher disagrees with me on this point.)

"markdownnote" pulls off this _simple_interface_ better than
any other app i've found so far, which might well help explain
its good ranking, as there's little else of note in its feature-set.


one other finding of significance is that a search for "markdown"
returns 9 app-store hits now, revealing new high price-points of
$10 ("markdown pro"), $20 ("ulysses") and $25 ("markmywords".)

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