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Tue Nov 22 12:40:17 EST 2011

I'm afraid YOU are the one who doesn't get ME.

*I* find that visual cues and shortcuts to common tasks increase my
markdown productivity significantly. The fact that there is a syntax
to be grokked and methods needed for transformation makes Markdown
something more than plain text. Call it code, call it whatever you
will. I really couldn't care less.

Perhaps you find nothing in the above paragraph true for YOU. That's
both OK and completely irrelevant.

If you want to keep going with this for some reason, please spare the
whole list and send it to me individually.


On Tue, Nov 22, 2011 at 8:29 AM, Christian Sciberras <uuf6429 at> wrote:

> Chris Lott,

> You missed my point entirely. I use VIM and IDEs to get around writing code.

> My point is that MD is _not_ code. MD, unlike other systems, was meant to

> look

> nice in plain text.

> The only minor requirement of MD is a monospaced font.

> The only reason I need to see how MD renders is for that reason itself, to

> ensure a smooth render.

> Regards,

> Chris.




> On Tue, Nov 22, 2011 at 5:56 PM, Chris Lott <chris at> wrote:


>> @David - Thanks for the advice on vim-pandoc and how I might enrich

>> the vim approach. I hadn't even thought of that! I think the main

>> vim-markdown syntax is based on the HTML syntax in some way, which

>> might explain the strangeness.


>> @Christian - I'm glad you like Notepad. You are  real Computing Man.

>> You probably write your text while hunting big game and squeezing

>> carbon into diamonds. I don't hope to compete with you. I'm surprised

>> you don't use edlin or maybe echo XX >> filename. Myself, I like the

>> productivity gains of shortcuts for common tasks and a quicker "at a

>> glance" assessment for skimming and moving around text.


>> c

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