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Bowerbird at aol.com Bowerbird at aol.com
Sat Oct 15 15:57:31 EDT 2011

brett terpstra continues his obsession with markdown...

> http://fuckyeahmarkdown.com/

there's also a g-rated version:

> http://heckyesmarkdown.com/

brett has accomplished more in the last three months
than this listserve accomplished in the last three years.

and it looks like he's only just getting started...

meanwhile, fletcher is about to send off his rocket,
which just might zoom right past brett's successes...

and all of those "incompatibilities" and "edge cases"
will fade completely away as markdown variants get
tossed onto the trash-heap of historical irrelevance.

do you remember how "smartphones" _used_ to look?,
before apple rewrote the manual? same thing here...

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