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To clarify:

peg-multimarkdown was derived from peg-markdown, not pandoc.

Ali Rantakari's work on his highlighter's PEG was also derived from peg-markdown, not pandoc.

Composer's highlighter is based on Ali's (which performed highlighting for markdown, not MMD). Composer will highlight MMD *or* MD, depending on preferences. I modified the PEG to support MMD syntax, and made some changes to the highlighter code itself to make it more flexible and to enable context-sensitve editing, and not just highlighting.

I am very thankful for the work by both John and Ali, as I would never have been able to complete my projects without their work.

As for whether MMD is emerging as the most popular markdown derivative or not, I have no idea. I have multiple search feeds that keep me informed about what people are saying about MMD, but I could be missing a lot of traffic talking about how good other implementations are.


On Oct 20, 2011, at 1:37 PM, Bowerbird at wrote:


> third, john's model stimulated work done by ali rantakari.

> >

> this work was for a _syntax_highlighter_, so it wouldn't be

> too important, in and of itself, except for a couple factors:

> (1) it used pandoc's parser, and (2) it was _very_ accurate,

> fixing the problems that plagued _every_ existing_attempt_

> at markdown syntax-highlighting, a tribute to the parser.

> ali wrote this up for his computer science master's studies.


> ali's work caught the eye of fletcher penney, inspiring him

> to make a text-editor for multimarkdown, out any day now.


> i'm not sure how it fits in, because i'm pretty sure that it

> predated the work by rantakari, but fletcher also changed

> his parsing model, changing over to the pandoc method.

> i believe john and fletcher actually worked together on it.

> so fletcher's parser is fast, powerful, flexible, and accurate.

> i believe fletcher will confirm the importance of the change.

> once you start doing it right, you realize the wrong way was

> well, it was wrong, there's just no other way you can say it.


> -bowerbird

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