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>> I just received a report [1] that the footnote output we use in

>> Python-Markdown (an exact copy of PHP Markdown Extra [3]) is not valid

>> HTML [3]. If you notice he's using HTML5. At least the footnote syntax

>> does valid on XHTML1 or HTML4. Anyway, any suggestions on how the

>> various footnote implementations want to move forward with this?


>> [1]:

>> [2]:

>> [3]:



> Another link you might want to check out:

> <>


> I'm not actually sure what to do about this. One idea is to have a master switch making all output HTML5-conformant. The real problem is that some people might be relying on the current markup, stylesheets at least. So that switch should be disabled by default, which would ensure almost no one gets HTML5 markup.


Interestingly, in Python-Markdown we have an output-format [1] switch
which can be set to various versions of HTML and/or XHTML. Although,
all HTML versions get the same output and all XHTML versions get the
same output. The only difference (right now) between HTML and XHTML
are things like `<hr>` verses `<hr />`.

Of course, following's lead, the default is XHTML, so
yeah, most will never get HTML5 output. Although, I suppose we could
easily have our footnote extension not add the `rel` and `rev`
attributes to footnotes when HTML5 is selected. Seems silly though -
to have a less semantic document because an unfinished standard has
depreciated a commonly used syntax, especially when no browser will
trip on it - just for the sake of having a document validated by an
"experimental" validator.


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