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Le 2012-08-07 à 15:43, Waylan Limberg <waylan at> a écrit :

> Of course, following's lead, the default is XHTML, so

> yeah, most will never get HTML5 output. Although, I suppose we could

> easily have our footnote extension not add the `rel` and `rev`

> attributes to footnotes when HTML5 is selected.

Well, I'm not so sure rel=footnote is actually almost valid. The HTML specs gives a few normalized values, then says that other values must be registered on this page:

rel=footnote is there on that page, in the POSH usage section, citing Markdown preprocessors as the source. But it's missing a spec. Someone would have to go through the microformat process and create a spec for it and it'll become valid.

Rev is definitely deprecated however. I don't think it'll come back. If someone defines a spec for rel=footnote, it could also define what is the opposite of rel=footnote and replace the rev=footnote with something else such as rel=footnote-ref. Then the path forward might be to include both rev=footnote rel=footnote-ref, unless someone has specified a flag to prevent the rev attribute from showing up.

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