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Boris Le Ninivin boris.leninivin at
Sat Aug 18 08:42:54 EDT 2012

This is not an issue about markdown, but about Apple software. You
should write to Apple developers to ask them why they added some bugs
(seriously, is it supposed to be a FEATURE?!) in their code. If I want a
full stop, I type a full stop. If I want two spaces, I type two spaces.
Oh and while you're at it, ask them to remove all their sh**y DRM they
fancy everywhere in their products.

Btw, there are a LOT of mobile devices that do NOT run on Apple software.

My two cents.

On 08/18/2012 02:36 PM, Jason Davies wrote:

> On the suggestion for double-spaces, I share the general 'oh no'. I

> see an explosion of people with iPads etc trying out Markdown in

> education because formatting sucks on iPads. They struggle with

> needing new lines (see recent post for an example). In short, they

> struggle with white-space (invisible) mark-up.


> Added to that, frequently cut and paste leaves double spaces (eg in

> BBEdit which abandoned smart copy paste on this years ago in despair).

> Then perhaps most crucially, what about trying to type a double-space

> on an iPad? You will get a full-stop...!



> (just taking a chance to say thank you to JG and FP for Markdown and

> Multimarkdown. Years ago in OS 9 I had Nisus converting formatted to

> my home made mark-up through macros for editing on Palms, then when

> Nisus abandoned its macros, in LaTeX. But typing LaTeX on an ipad is a

> nightmare so now I can once again do what I did 15 years ago, which is

> type/edit books and articles on a mobile device...basically, if I do

> anything at all, it must pass through BBEdit at some point...;))



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