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Sat Aug 18 08:59:37 EDT 2012

Well, while I agree with you that manual new lines are difficult to see
(not in vim, however, you can highlight them easily), and that they
should be considered for replacement by another syntax (maybe the LaTeX
\\); I do not agree that the reasons you mention are good reasons. Even
if you can turn a bug off, it is still a bug, and SHOULD be removed. Do
I want my bootloader to not work by default? No. Same goes for an editor
or anything. I do absolutely NOT agree with the fact that free software
should resolve problems caused by proprietary software; and I think that
we should rather educate the users; teach them that functional design is
MORE important than graphical design, no matter what the ads say.

On 08/18/2012 02:49 PM, Jason Davies wrote:

> Boris Le Ninivin wrote on 18/8/12 at 13:42


>> You

>> should write to Apple developers to ask them why they added some bugs

>> (seriously, is it supposed to be a FEATURE?!) in their code.


> You can turn it off...



>> Btw, there are a LOT of mobile devices that do NOT run on Apple

>> software.


> But there is a large subset who do and there's no reason here to

> introduce a feature that will confuse newbies. One great thing about

> Markdown is that people who run a mile from other mark-ups can use it.

> This isn't a deal-breaker so there seems no reason to go there.



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