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Jason Davies j.p.davies at
Sat Aug 18 11:14:00 EDT 2012

Boris Le Ninivin wrote on 18/8/12 at 13:59

>Well, while I agree with you that manual new lines are difficult to see

>(not in vim, however, you can highlight them easily), and that they

>should be considered for replacement by another syntax (maybe the LaTeX


Others have commented sagely on your other points but I'm
talking about people getting the hang of Markdown as their first
mark-up language. It's uniquely suited to that and is
deliberately so: 'Markdown allows you to write using an
easy-to-read, easy-to-write plain text format...'
( The fact that
you *can* highlight them is not the point I was trying to make:
you can do that even in Word, never mind BBEdit or vim (etc) --
but it's a diversion from Gruber's original statement (and I
presume, vision).

The OP genuinely wanted replies (so I'm really replying to that
rather than your comments, but I'm using them as a prompt).
Whitespace mark-up is a difficult path to go down without
gradually repositioning Markdown as a 'difficult-to-use,
specialist-editor-only plain text format'...

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