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Sat Aug 18 16:22:38 EDT 2012

Indeed, but we're drifting on a totally different subject I won't speak
of here (DRM, control, interoperability and such). My point is,
nevertheless, that the user SHOULD always have control upon his
hardware, and not the other way around.
Essentially, that's what I meant. But I fear it's off topic.

On 8/18/2012 5:19 PM, Jason Davies wrote:

> Boris Le Ninivin wrote on 18/8/12 at 13:59


>> I think that we should rather educate the users; teach them that

>> functional design is MORE important than graphical design, no matter

>> what the ads say.


> A genuine reply. I teach courses on matters like this at Master's

> level at a university in London, and speak as someone who is highly

> experienced on this kind of topic.


> This is not the answer.


> It's part of an answer, a relatively small part. Otherwise, it goes in

> the same category as "we should have..." ('world-peace', 'everyone

> paying their taxes', 'no-one dropping litter' and 'ideal speech

> community of respectful equals', delete as appropriate). People should

> be educated to use code, LaTeX, raw HTML etc. What's the *point* of

> Markdown if it becomes just another one of those?


> Ironically, I wonder if fairly soon we will see browsers reading

> Markdown natively, making the original HTML transformation almost

> redundant, but with a thriving world for plain-text formatting into

> other formats.



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