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Jason Davies j.p.davies at
Sat Aug 18 11:19:11 EDT 2012

Boris Le Ninivin wrote on 18/8/12 at 13:59

>I think that we should rather educate the users; teach them that

>functional design is MORE important than graphical design, no matter

>what the ads say.

A genuine reply. I teach courses on matters like this at
Master's level at a university in London, and speak as someone
who is highly experienced on this kind of topic.

This is not the answer.

It's part of an answer, a relatively small part. Otherwise, it
goes in the same category as "we should have..." ('world-peace',
'everyone paying their taxes', 'no-one dropping litter' and
'ideal speech community of respectful equals', delete as
appropriate). People should be educated to use code, LaTeX, raw
HTML etc. What's the *point* of Markdown if it becomes just
another one of those?

Ironically, I wonder if fairly soon we will see browsers reading
Markdown natively, making the original HTML transformation
almost redundant, but with a thriving world for plain-text
formatting into other formats.

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