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Jakob JakoV at
Wed Jun 20 16:56:35 EDT 2012

On the daring fireball page it says

> If you do use lazy list numbering, however, you should still start the list

> with the number 1. At some point in the future, Markdown may support

> starting ordered lists at an arbitrary number.

I am coding around a little to implement this feature in [Js-Markdown extra]( and I wanted to also implement *all* list-types, like lists with letters and roman numerals (see [examples online](

My problem is that this creates an ambiguity (which may be seldom, but anyway):

``b. text c. text`` is clearly starting with index 2 in letter type, but ``i. text j. text`` (letter type, starting at 9) and ``i. text ii. text`` (roman numerals type, starting at index 1) are ambiguous. So are several other roman numerals: `ìv`` could be roman 5 or followed by ``iw``.

Are there any proposals on how to solve this problem? Maybe just escape the roman numerals with a backslash ``\i.``? Or use two dots ``i..`` or followed by a braket ``i.)`` for roman numerals (Then we could even use ``1..`` or ``1.)`` as roman)?

I personally favor ``i.)``-style, but i would like to hear your opinions (and weather you think it's a good idea to implement it).



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