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On Jun 20, 2012, at 1:56 PM, Jakob wrote:

> On the daring fireball page it says


>> If you do use lazy list numbering, however, you should still start the list

>> with the number 1. At some point in the future, Markdown may support

>> starting ordered lists at an arbitrary number.


> I am coding around a little to implement this feature in [Js-Markdown extra]( and I wanted to also implement *all* list-types, like lists with letters and roman numerals (see [examples online](


> My problem is that this creates an ambiguity (which may be seldom, but anyway):


> ``b. text c. text`` is clearly starting with index 2 in letter type, but ``i. text j. text`` (letter type, starting at 9) and ``i. text ii. text`` (roman numerals type, starting at index 1) are ambiguous. So are several other roman numerals: `ìv`` could be roman 5 or followed by ``iw``.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but the ambiguity would only occur when the list is of length 1, right? Because you could check the second list item to deduce the pattern, otherwise.

A list of length 1 is a pretty darn sad list. I would say, in that case, assume it starts with 1 — so the only option remaining is lower-roman.

If your implementation of Markdown still allows HTML, your users could always manually create a single list item using lower-alpha starting at i (that is, 9), if they wanted.
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