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Le 2012-06-22 à 13:23, Alan Hogan a écrit :

>> ![alttext](

>> : here goes the *caption*


> I *really* like this proposal. It takes the extant image and DL (in Extra-style implementations) syntaxes and smartly combines them into something even better when they’re mashed-up. Very memorable and visually meaningful. This is easily the most exciting proposed syntax extension I can remember seeing on this list.

It's too subtle. What happens if you have this:

![icon](url) My Super App to Download

: this is the first version of the app.

![icon](url) My Super App to Download

: this is the first version of the app.

Is this two figures, or is it a definition list? If it's a definition list, is the text after the image the only thing preventing it from becoming figures? Or is it because you've put two one after the other that it becomes a definition list. Or maybe we could just make it a signel "figure list" with two figures.

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HTML5 figures let you put much more than just an image inside a figure (I'm actually the one who pushed for this in the WHATWG mailing list some time ago). Longer code snippets in books are often structured like a figure with a caption for instance, and sometime figures are made of multiple images illustrating the various steps of a process for instance. Perhaps Markdown shouldn't try to be that versatile, but perhaps it should too.

Beside, before we add captions to images, perhaps we could add captions to tables. I know MultiMarkdown already has that, but not PHP Markdown Extra. Once we have that we could find a similar way to add caption to various other things which would wrap the said thing in a figure element. In short, it should be pretty much the same syntax for both.

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