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Klaus Mueller m at
Sat Jun 23 08:39:13 EDT 2012

Hi all,

at all, I think there is an wide need for captions and most solutions
are mostly "handmade" spans in paragraphs.

Am 22.06.2012 22:13, schrieb Jakob:

> That's why I changed my mind, that it would be better to use a **new**

> syntax with the exclamation mark instead of the colon, then there

> would be no ambiguity.

Could we use the content of the title tag, or an extra caption field
inside the img-markdown instead?

![alternative text](/img/nicetree.jpg "this is the title" {this could be
the caption})

For the title tag there is already a css solution with [:after][1]

It could be a little bit confusing if more [img-tags][2] which will be
integrated some times.



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