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Jakob JakoV at
Sat Jun 23 10:06:25 EDT 2012

> Could we use the content of the title tag, or an extra caption field

> inside the img-markdown instead?


> ![alternative text](/img/nicetree.jpg "this is the title" {this could be

> the caption})

This could be usefull in some cases, but you point out yourself, that there is a solution with css. In my opinion the "title" attribute is mostly useless and stupid, as it leads to [Mystery meat navigation](, which sucks!

I think the `<figure>` element is a good example for a semantic element. I think it should be used; and I think it should therefore be implemented into Markdown.

If you read the article about the [figure] element, you will soon find out, that it is more than just the desription of an *image*. It can be used to describe *almost anything* that would not appear in flow text in a printed paper: e.g. tables, quotes, poems. Therefore you could even have a figure element describing a table that has a caption:

A. Mayers et al. reported an increase in cases of *some disease* in the early 1990s ...

|+ incidence +|

| year | cases |


| 1990 | 123,456 |

| 1991 | 654,321 |

! **Incidence of some disease:** The numbers show, that in the year 1991 there was a strange increase of cases, blah blah blah

Due to the lack of therapy, R. Ronald et al suggested another palliative treatment ...

![some disease image](
! **Some disease in a male patient**: See the *red* pustula, that explode when touched.


> For the title tag there is already a css solution with [:after][1]


> It could be a little bit confusing if more [img-tags][2] which will be

> integrated some times.

There already was a proposal to allow html tags in links, by just doing it like you do it in html: `[link]: "title goes here" style="color:red"`. I think [Multimarkdown] implemented it, but i'm not sure.


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