Definition list as image caption

Klaus Mueller m at
Sat Jun 23 14:46:08 EDT 2012

Hi all,

> This could be usefull in some cases, but you point out yourself, that there is a solution with css. In my opinion the "title" attribute is mostly useless and stupid, as it leads to [Mystery meat navigation](, which sucks!

I thougt about using the content title tag *as* caption. Not using the
title tag in its origin way. But I think this will mix the title-tag and
caption aka figure

> I think the `<figure>` element is a good example for a semantic element. I think it should be used; and I think it should therefore be implemented into Markdown.

I totally agree. I only talk about the markdown syntax, not the
generated html. There for <figure> is great and the right thing.

Mainly I suggested an extra value inside the Markdown image, after the
title tag

> Due to the lack of therapy, R. Ronald et al suggested another palliative treatment ...


> ![some disease image](

> ! **Some disease in a male patient**: See the *red* pustula, that explode when touched.

> ```

in this case I would write:

![some disease image]( "useful title" {**Some disease in a male patient**: See the *red* pustula, that explode when touched.})

But this will be only useful in images and not like your solution in all
elements. And if you have much formatted text, very confusing.


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