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Le 2012-06-23 à 10:18, Jakob a écrit :

>> Not at all. If we want to allow anything inside a figure element (as HTML5

>> permits), then all we have to do is force the figure content to be

>> indented. You could even nest figures that way.


> *That's maybe even better!* So the syntax would be just the inversion of my proposal: Instead of figure => caption you have caption => figure. This makes a lot more sense.


> However, would we still be able to have multi-paragraph captions?

That would require a syntax with a recurring prefix. For instance, we could mimic how blockquotes work and use "]" as a prefix for captions:

] Figure 1: some big figure caption
] second paragraph of the caption
] > blockquote in the caption
] etc.
! Here goes the figure's content
Indented by one tab

But I fear this is complicating the syntax too much for something that is rarely needed. There's always HTML as a fallback if you really need this.

>> Now, just make the leading "!" and indentation optional for an image and

>> you get this:


>> [[ Figure 1: A simple image ]]

>> ![image_alt](image_url "image title")


> The only problem with this would be that *every* image would get a figure. However i think `! ![image_alt](image_url "image title")` would do the job just fine: so only the indent would be optional.

What I was proposing is that an image alone on its line and preceded by a caption would become a figure. Not every standalone images.

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