PHP Markdown Lib 1.3

Michel Fortin michel.fortin at
Thu Apr 11 15:59:39 EDT 2013

This is the first release of PHP Markdown Lib. This package requires PHP version 4.3 or later and is designed to work with PSR-0 autoloading and, optionally, with Composer. You can download it from the PHP Markdown website:

You can also read the official announcement here:

Also note new versions of PHP Markdown 1.0.1q & Extra 1.2.7 were just released too. They're now labeled as the "classic" version, and as previously mentioned on this list I will stop updating those next year, focusing in the Lib version.

Here is a list of the changes in Lib since the previous classic release (some of the changes are also included in the classic version, see the website for details):

PHP Markdown Lib 1.3 (11 Apr 2013):

* Plugin interface for Wordpress and other systems is no longer present in
the Lib package. The classic package is still available if you need it:

* Added `public` and `protected` protection attributes, plus a section about
what is "public API" and what isn't in the Readme file.

* Changed HTML output for footnotes: now instead of adding `rel` and `rev`
attributes, footnotes links have the class name `footnote-ref` and
backlinks `footnote-backref`.

* Fixed some regular expressions to make PCRE not shout warnings about POSIX
collation classes (dependent on your version of PCRE).

* Added optional class and id attributes to images and links using the same
syntax as for headers:

[link](url){#id .class}
![img](url){#id .class}

It work too for reference-style links and images. In this case you need
to put those attributes at the reference definition:

[link][linkref] or [linkref]

[linkref]: url "optional title" {#id .class}

* Fixed a PHP notice message triggered when some table column separator
markers are missing on the separator line below column headers.

* Fixed a small mistake that could cause the parser to retain an invalid
state related to parsing links across multiple runs. This was never
observed (that I know of), but it's still worth fixing.

Michel Fortin
michel.fortin at

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