Styling Markdown approaches

Kai Hendry hendry at
Thu Apr 18 06:38:11 EDT 2013

Hi guys,

I wrote a markdown based Web editor thing for my sister:

And she has trouble styling blocks of markdown. Since <div
markdown=1>markdown here</div> does not work on my Debian markdown

Is there a formal definition of markdown? Or some sort of conformance
test? And certain markdown implementations I should be using, and
certain ones I should be avoiding?

Why doesn't markdown work within div blocks? Is there some technical
reason? Out of interest, I would like to know why, since my
expectation was to mix&match markdown with HTML.

Is there some other way I'm not thinking of, in order to style
sections of markdown?

Oh and is there something better that Pagedown? Because that also
doesn't seem to grok <div markdown=1>markdown here</div>.

Many thanks!

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