Styling Markdown approaches

Kai Hendry hendry at
Sat Apr 20 12:22:53 EDT 2013

On 20 April 2013 16:43, Paul Wilson <pw6163 at> wrote:

> you make to the values, the output may look somewhat different, but broken?

> That seems a bit harsh.

My markdown doesn't have this <div markdown=1> option and this is what
it looks like:

Yes you can probably parse the content, but it looks broken to
everyone else. Doesn't compare to HTML's "degrade gracefully"

> In fact you can likely change the the output by using a different library.

> As the discussions here illustrate, there is no bible for Markdown, just a

> number of similar but usually not identical options. If you want to change

> the appearance, changing the CSS is another option.

Er, it's really hard to id and class markdown without <div markdown=1>
support for example. Perhaps I've misunderstood you. I did find the
markdown + options analogy to html + css pretty awful.

> A config file suits my personal preference for packages, so I'd probably use

> one happily, but I recognise that others will differ. In the end I rarely

> use Markdown, but I have incorporated some of the ideas that I've seen into

> the system that I prefer - and that's driven by a configuration file.

I think you are totally missing the interoperability argument here. It
might be great for you, but if you are investing a lot of effort into
putting stuff in markdown, you need interoperability. Just imagine if
say the markdown corpus of German laws forked markdown so much you
needed their special interpreter in order to read it easily? That
would be ridiculous.

I'm already super pissed that neither Debian's default markdown, nor
pagedown nor supports <div markdown=1>.
I guess I'll work around it, by keeping to the lowest common
denominator, and accommodate different styled sections differently
(spawn new pagedown textarea and preview) in my silly editor tool
thingie: word sister.

Kind regards,

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