Styling Markdown approaches

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Sat Apr 20 11:43:31 EDT 2013

With respect to Aristotle Pagaltzis, I have to disagree, at least in part.

Markdown is two things - a document format and some code to process text
written in Markdown format into a different format, often HTML.

Using a configuration file to adjust the actions of the code seems to me to
be a perfectly reasonable approach, and I can't see how it will result in
broken documents. Depending on what the config file holds, and what changes
you make to the values, the output may look somewhat different, but broken?
That seems a bit harsh.

In fact you can likely change the the output by using a different library.
As the discussions here illustrate, there is no bible for Markdown, just a
number of similar but usually not identical options. If you want to change
the appearance, changing the CSS is another option.

A config file suits my personal preference for packages, so I'd probably
use one happily, but I recognise that others will differ. In the end I
rarely use Markdown, but I have incorporated some of the ideas that I've
seen into the system that I prefer - and that's driven by a configuration

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