a little higher complexity

bowerbird bowerbird at aol.com
Wed Oct 2 16:11:14 EDT 2013

> even if it's at the expense of a little higher complexity

kinda silly, it seems to me, to talk either way about
the costs and benefits of "a little higher complexity"
when you're already six layers deep under the crap.

blind men, trying hard to describe the elephant's ear.

look at the pandoc/babelmark documentation of the
inconsistencies across the different flavors, and then,
if you can find a way to straddle all of _that_ difficulty,
you might have some chance of writing up a document
that will actually be of good use to a number of people.

of course, if you can really sort through that ugly thicket,
then your talent could be put to much better use, solving
the trouble in the middle east, or even the u.s. congress.


p.s. of course, if this is merely one nifty mental exercise,
because jigsaw puzzles are too boring, then by all means,
have at it, with my best wishes, and forgive the intrusion...

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