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On Sat, Oct 5, 2013 at 8:48 PM, Michel Fortin <michel.fortin at michelf.ca>wrote:

> Le 5-oct.-2013 à 9:18, Roopesh Chander <roop at forwardbias.in> a écrit :


> >> Fix the doc then! It'll be self-consistent.

> >>

> >> It's a much less risky move to fix the user doc to match what the

> parsers

> >> have been doing for 10 years than change the parsers to accommodate the

> doc

> >> (and potentially have everyone go back and "fix" 10 years worth of

> >> documents).

> >

> > Good idea. However, I'm not able to figure out what the doc can be fixed

> to.


> Perhaps a small section about tabs at the start: "Markdown expects tabs to

> be aligned to four spaces. If your editor puts a tab stop every four space,

> using tabs to align things properly on screen will give the expected

> results. Otherwise it's better to not use tabs at all unless your Markdown

> parser has a setting to set the tab length to match your editor."


> Then also avoid mentioning "four spaces or one tab" anywhere. Just say

> "four spaces" and let people infer the tab part from the little paragraph

> on tabs above (and from their previous experience).

That really sounds good. I'll take this idea. Thanks for the input.
Issue filed: https://github.com/vfmd/vfmd-spec/issues/2

I think it's best that I just leave it at that, and refrain from responding
to your other comments. Anyway, the problem we were discussing is solved,
so that's a relief.

Best regards,
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