text/markdown effort in IETF (invite)

John MacFarlane jgm at berkeley.edu
Thu Jul 10 01:18:37 EDT 2014

This seems a reasonable proposal to me.  Like Michel Fortin, though,
I suspect the "flavors" part will be more trouble than it's worth.
Is there going to be a distinct flavor for every version of pandoc,
for example?  What about people who use pandoc but disable one or
two of the pandoc extensions (which you can do with a command line
flag)?  Your document mentions "github flavored markdown," but there
are actually two distinct github flavors, one for displaying long-form
documents like READMEs (here hard line breaks are treated as spaces,
as in original markdown), and one of issues and comments (here hard
line breaks are rendered as hard breaks).  It sounds like a LOT of
work to keep the registry of flavors up to date, unless the flavors
are going to be very coarse-grained.


+++ Sean Leonard [Jul 09 14 08:49 ]:
>Hi markdown-discuss Folks:
>I am working on a Markdown effort in the Internet Engineering Task 
>Force, to standardize on "text/markdown" as the Internet media type 
>for all variations of Markdown content. You can read my draft here: <http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-seantek-text-markdown-media-type-00>.
>The proposal is already getting traction. Is there anyone on this list 
>that is interested in participating or helping this effort? In 
>particular we need to better understand and document what versions of 
>Markdown exist, so that either Markdown as a family of informal 
>syntaxes will start to converge, or if not, that Markdown variations 
>have an easy way to be distinguished from one another. (See the 
>"flavor" parameter discussed in the draft.)
>The draft is currently being discussed on apps-discuss at ietf.org.
>Kind regards,
>Sean Leonard
>Author of Markdown IETF Draft
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