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These are some of the things that lead to me releasing MultiMarkdown 9 years ago:

* The realization that Markdown documents could be complete documents, and not just a snippet of text to be inserted in a blog CMS

* That these complete documents would need some sort of metadata (Gruber was not a fan of this idea)

* That Markdown could be converted to more than just HTML (e.g. LaTeX, etc.)

The MultiMarkdown metadata syntax was based on a blosxom plugin (I believe it was simply called meta??)

I would recommend checking out MMD (in addition to pandoc as you mentioned) if you're interested in Markdown related tools that support metadata.


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On Jul 12, 2014, at 8:26 PM, Sean Leonard <dev+ietf at> wrote:

> It seems that all Markdown content is expected to appear inside of a block-level element in HTML parlance; i.e., inside <body> or one of its block-level descendants (<div>, <p>, <td>, <form>, <h1>...<h6>, etc.).


> Therefore, *when it matters*, what are strategies that Markdown users currently use to manage HTML metadata such as those metadata items defined in <> and <>?
> I am interested in items such as:
> title
> meta name info (author, generator, description, keywords)
> link rel (stylesheet, icon, etc.)
> language (either http-equiv content-language, or <html lang="XX">)
> date [not part of HTML, but see pandoc_title_block]
> ?
> I recognize that in many use cases, Markdown is for content fragments: stick this blob of text somewhere in a page and be done with it. But increasingly there are Markdown files (.md, .markdown) that are being treated as discrete documents. So for those latter cases, some metadata is desirable.
> Are the following also true (or aesthetically agreeable)?
> - there are no concerted CROSS-TOOL efforts to insert metadata into Markdown streams
>  (I am aware of pandoc_title_block)
> - inserting metadata into Markdown streams in a CROSS-TOOL way would be kludgey
>  e.g. use an inert comment at the top:
>  [/Title/]: # (This comment could include metadata)
>  (but nobody does this)
> -Sean
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