Markdown internal metadata Re: Markdown validity

John MacFarlane jgm at
Sun Jul 13 02:21:16 EDT 2014

+++ Sean Leonard [Jul 12 14 17:26 ]:
>I think I can move on to my next question:
>It seems that all Markdown content is expected to appear inside of a 
>block-level element in HTML parlance; i.e., inside <body> or one of 
>its block-level descendants (<div>, <p>, <td>, <form>, <h1>...<h6>, 
>I tried to do some <head> stuff, as in:
>And not surprisingly, the results are all over the place. Clearly this 
>is not an effective way to communicate HTML metadata, since Markdown 
>is designed to process HTML block-level content.
>Therefore, *when it matters*, what are strategies that Markdown users 
>currently use to manage HTML metadata such as those metadata items 
>defined in <> and 
>I am interested in items such as:
>meta name info (author, generator, description, keywords)
>link rel (stylesheet, icon, etc.)
>language (either http-equiv content-language, or <html lang="XX">)
>date [not part of HTML, but see pandoc_title_block]

There is no standardization here.  However, pandoc has moved on to a
more flexible system allowing structured YAML metadata, which may be
placed anywhere in the document.

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