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The downside of that:  How do you change it?


Two approaches I've seen:

1.  On stack exchange they have an editor that makes you type markdown in
one field, and it shows it formatted in another field.  This works fairly

2.  There is an extension, "Markdown Here" available for both Chrome and
Firefox that allows you to type MD and there is a toggle that switches
between marked up verson and fancy text.  Works quite well in gmail/chrome.



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On 4 January 2015 at 05:30, max hilmer <mhilmer at> wrote:

> I would really like to see a feature that auto transforms text written in
> markdown to WYSIWYG. So if you type *this* it will automatically make the
> markdown disappear and the word would then be emphasized. This feature is
> available on apps like Ulysses, Scrivener, and Macchiato, aka for apps
> focused on writing rather than programming. However I haven't found a way
> to incorporate this into my wordpress site -allowing all authors this
> feature.
> Any valuable comments to this issue would be much appreciated,
> Sincerely,
>     Max Hilmer
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