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Tue Jul 18 08:48:42 EDT 2017


    First thanks for the great mailing list service. Since I'm just
talking to myself here this will be my last post on markdown list
(never say never ;-) Anyways, they never come back, don't they?

    If you follow along there are different ways to "fix" markdown:

    1)  Create your own flavor and rules e.g. kramdown, multimarkdown, etc.

    2)  Try to nail down all rules in "basic" markdown e.g. CommonMark

    3) Why not evolve markdown?

    What's evolution? Why is it different from 1) or 2).

    Deletions. Yes. Deletions. Changes. Addition.

     For example, let's fix the unpopular ugly (unintuitive) image links.

    No more ![](fail.gif).


   {{ pic.gif }}  or
   {{ fig | pic.gif }}  or
    {{ fig  pic.gif }}  or
    {{ img pic.gif }}  or

       Why? Why not?

    Here are some "hard" problems solved easily by deletions or changes:

Paragraph ?!
Heading  ?!
----                     <-- heading marker, please!?

> We should not be looking at top-level = setext headings, but second-level - ones, because
> they’re ambiguous with “thematic breaks”. There are four general ways to parse this:

- Paragraph, heading, paragraph
- Heading (with 2 lines), paragraph
- Paragraph (with 2 lines), separator, paragraph
- Paragraph (with 4 lines)

  A puzzle from the commmarks forum.  Now easily solved. Yes.
  It's a paragraph (with 2 lines), separator, paragraph. Bingo!

 NEW: Setext headings MUST be followed by a blank line.

- ### Big ###
- ## Bigger ##
- # Bigest #

  NEW: A heading always MUST start on a new line. Period.

   If you're interested, see the Text with Instructions (.text) page [1] or
   follow along on Manuscripts News [2] on twitter.

   Keep on writing. All the best. Enjoy the summer. Cheers.


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