[Slowhand] Joe Bonamassa was indeed Smokin'

Jackson, James T james.t.jackson at lmco.com
Thu Aug 19 08:22:55 EDT 2004

A couple years ago someone on this list suggested
Joe Bonamassa for some good guitar blues and a high-energy
concert.  I took that advice, went to his website, listened to
the samples, bought a CD, then bought all his CDs and last night
I went to see Joe at the Turning Stone Casino, very close to his
home town of Utica, NY.
WOW, thank you very much for that suggestion, whoever you were.
Joe "live" was the EC like slow passionate blues soloist, the SRV like
driving Texas style guitarist, the mind blowing experimental soundscape
of Hendrix and the technical speed on acoustic as well as electric of
Vai or Satriani,
ALL rolled into a young very energetic musician.
It was an amazing experience and Joe was very personable after the
talking with everyone that came through the merchandise booth, signing
everything, including his new CD that is not to be released until next
week, it was great.
Seeing EC and Joe both this summer will be hard to beat.
Thanks again, whoever you were,
Jim Jackson
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