[Slowhand] Re: Lack 'O Clap-Tone

Almighty Geetarz almighty_geetarz at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 22 08:48:35 EDT 2004

>> Sorry folks, but the Digest has become something of a bore to me in recent 
>> days. I've scanned through several of them recently without seeing the name 
>> "Eric Clapton" mentioned at all.
>> *snip*
>> Apart from Grant's interesting comment about EC's session work (and 
>> Richard's lone reply), I've learnt nothing about Clapton or his music in 
>> several posts. And that disappoints me the most.

Jon, please accept [Eric Clapton] my humblest [Eric Clapton] apologies for 
any [Badge] unpleasantness or boredem [Ginger Baker] I may have caused
either deliberately {Cream Cream Cream Cream] or innocently [Marshall Stax].
I also enjoyed the session [how much does he make??] work questions, as
[more than me I'll bet] well as the replies [I wish I had an Enzo Enzo Enzo Enzo].
In that vein [Leadfoot Slowhand needs a Ferrari like I need hair care products] there
was a completely insane slowhander [Cocaine] some years back who had something
like [sock,treacle,billy] a gazillion disc set of all EC's session work [cream bruce]
but of course it was too precious [let it rain, let it rain] to let anyone else obtain a
copy [Eric Clapton likes Cream] but then that collector [Pretending, Soldano] 
would not have been a special member [Eric Clapton Eric Clapton Eric Clapton]
of the S00PER SEKRIT club and [Columbus? LA? NYC? London?] mere mortals
were only allowed [psychedelic SG] to view the list of contents of the set [Crash 2].
A personal favorite session for me [who the f&^% is Mabel anyways?] was EC as a
Bunbury, as well [Silver Horses Running Moonbeams] as Harrison's Cloud 9.
Okay, am I the only one who remembers Saturday Night Live's "Mr. Subliminal"?
At any rate, rather than whining about the lack of content and then taking time to 
post about same, perhaps that time could be used to post something scintillating
topic of discussion that would bring us all together to hold hands, united as one,
singing kum-ba-ya (put a bullet in my head first thank you), or otherwise generate
something interesting to the group.
What, we are here to entertain you? We amuse you? You think we're FUNNY?
Funny how? Tell me how we're funny.  C'mon, I want to hear you tell us how we
amuse you!
Jon, I do deeply and sincerely apologize for that previous paragraph but you must
understand that "Goodfellas" is finally on DVD here in the U.S. of A this week and 
I just can't get enough Joe Pesci.
And just so I don't upset you by not mentioning EC ... EC is liberally used in the 
movie - not as well as in the later "Casino" though, where the coda from "Layla"
is used to great effect at a pivotal point in the film ...

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