[Slowhand] Slowhand Digest, Vol 3, Issue 477

Eric Lacroix eric.lacroix at free.fr
Wed Aug 25 03:28:33 EDT 2004


> Can somebody please tell me how to get unsubscribed from this
> CD-science class torture?

As you can see, the torture seems to have reach its end.
But it was needed. It seems that a lot of us was concerned about keeping
quality in bootlegs, so some things had to be said. It took about two
weeks of intensive discussion. The subject is not closed, but it should
be quieter now.

> I have tried everything, but this mail just keeps coming.
A about unsubscribing, you just have to read the beggining of each
digest and you'll find help.

And, finaly, I want to thank you to have quoted the whole previous
digest that make this one very difficult to read. Imagine what will
happen if everyone do the same !
Hey, guys, would you give it a try ? Quote the whole digest for you next


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