[Slowhand] Crossroads FLAC Vine

Carey Bird cbird at ihug.com.au
Wed Oct 13 08:09:39 EDT 2004

Thanks to Dale Kalina (and more recently dhkessler at comcast.net) this vine
has now arrived in Oz.  I was the last on the list, and am happy to re-vine
if there are any further takers.

What is it? Its a 5CD (compressed format - expands to 9 audio CDs) set of 
6/6/04 Crossroads Concert.
Who Is On It? Oh, a few lesser knowns like Clapton, Jimmie Vaughan, BB King,
Buddy Guy, Santana, ZZ Top as well as major megastars like Sonny Landreth,
Michael Kelsey, and Vishwa Mohan Bhatt (no offence intended).
What Format? Its FLAC format - if you dont know how to handle FLAC files 
then dont
ask to participate.
What Am I Doing? I'll ask for takers who will re-offer, then I'll
compile and circulate a list, and then despatch the disks to the first on
the list.
What Are You Agreeing To Do If You Sign Up? YOU MUST RE-OFFER THE DISKS YOU 
RECEIVE to the next
person on the list that I compile.

Want to participate? Then send me a note off-list with "Crossroads FLAC 
Vine" in the title
and your mailing address.  I'll leave the offer open for a few days to allow
everyone who is interested to have a fair crack and will post the
circulation list to all who apply.

PS You will be aware that some of the performances are shortly due to be 
released on DVD.  This set contains audio material that, as far as I am 
aware, is not due for release.


Carey Bird

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