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Mon Nov 1 14:40:13 EST 2004

The recent Japan 03 tour had E.C. playing some solos almost entirely thumb 
and finger, no pick.  The solos from the recent U.S. Tour was almost exclusively 
played with a pick.  You can definitely hear the tonal difference from CD's 
and you can see from the DVD's the difference as well.  You could also see the 
difference if you attended these shows.  A good example would be the versions 
of Sheriff say from the 12/2 Budokan show and MSG 6/29 (both of which are 
floating around on DVD).  All of the intro from 12/2 was finger picked as opposed 
to guitar pick at MSG.  The Japan 03 shows featured more finger picking at 
least to my ears and eyes than any of EC's shows from the past.  I did not attend 
any Euro shows but from the shows I have heard EC was going mostly with a 
pick during the Euro shows.

Why the difference from 03 Japan and U.S. 04?

Well, the band did change somewhat and the set list changed slightly.  I 
personally don't think the set list had that much to do with the change.  As for 
Band personnel Doyle replaced Andy.

Be interested to hear other ideas/thoughts?  

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