[Slowhand] EC shakeup

Kelly Murphy brucespringsteenfan at semo.net
Thu Dec 30 17:44:13 EST 2004

Your last post was very good.

I think Eric should do want he wants, and not pander
to anyone.  That doesn't mean I don't want a really rockin'
album (because I really do), but he can't just listen to fans who
are stuck on Cream, D&D, harder rock, or whatever.  It's
obvious he hasn't been pandering to anyone or doing it for the
money.  If that was so he wouldn't be making a techno/trip-hop/jazz
album under a pseudonym, and he would have make Disraeli Gears II
by now.  He hasn't which means he is trying to move in the direction he
wants as an artist at that particular moment.

I do agree he needs a little shake-up in some fashion.  It doesn't have
to be in that he makes an album exactly like I want, but maybe in the 
It wouldn't hurt to switch that up a little which would bring a little more
spontaneity for himself not just us.  I would love to see him play a 
guitar, but if he's happy with the Strat that's cool as well.

Anyway, regardless if I agree with the posts or not we all should
have our opinions, and stay respectful to EC...and each other maybe.


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> Too many people to quote but my response to this
> thread is that there's nothing wrong with wanting the
> best from the best but the question of what people
> need for EC to do to be satisfied is a valid question.
> Chronically unsatisfied people never have enough
> because they always want more.  Some EC fans are like
> that.  Nothing he does is ever good enough because it
> could always be better.  This is not to say that
> everything he does should be accepted without
> criticism.
> My only expectation as a fan is that EC be true to his
> artistic self, make music that is important to him,
> challenge himself if that is what he wants to do or
> simply make music that is satisfying to him.  As long
> as he does that, I'll be a fan regardless of what the
> world, the critics or the Grammys think.
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