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Clapton has always contradicted himself in interviews, often in the same interview, one classic, on the Southbank show which was released as "the man and his Music", he was questioned on his then current single, "I don't know why I called it 'Holy Mother', oh yes I do", surely he thought out something like this before hand?
He seems often to say whatever it is he thinks the interviewer wants to hear, clever marketing or just an easy going nature? Decide for yourself.
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>>[O]ne thing that EC said has confused me. Part of the show was about a
>>farm that RL had and how all his mates (including EC) would hang out
>>there and play. EC said that he wrote Wonderful Tonight there with RL. I
>>always thought that EC wrote that song at home while waiting for Pattie
>>to get ready. <<

This all goes to validate a point I've made, over the years, that EC is
inconsistent in interviews. He has done this type of thing so many times. I
think he often responds with the answer he believes the interviewer wants to
hear. When you read an interview with him, you don't know if the answer is
truthful, an attempt to end the interview as quickly as possible, or given
for some other reason.


Could be something as simple as a faulty or sketchy memory. Some things he is asked about in interviews occurred many, many years ago. And frankly I imagine public/press put a lot more emphasis on the details of some issues than EC does.

Granted some events are more important and thus better to easily remember. That said I suspect there might be some kind of mix up concerning WT as I would think he would remember some of the specifics such as where and when that song was written - but maybe not.

Also could be that both stories are partially accurate. Lyrics written at home waiting on Pattie. Finished putting the actual music to the lyrics at Ronnie Lane's pad? Just a thought...............
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