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> >>Could be something as simple as a faulty or sketchy memory. <<


> >>It happens when you get to his age!! <<


> Blah, blah, blah! Quit making excuses for the guy!


> He's been doing this his whole career, so it ain't old age. Clapton's a

> certified chameleon, well known since his Yardbirds days.


> I am amazed at the intellectual contortions certain fans will go through in

> order to make their favorite stars, Eric Clapton included, appear exactly

> what they're not.


> EC's simply a great guitarist and a pretty damn good singer. But he isn't a

> god, and he's not the Dalai Lama or a saint. He's a mortal human with an

> agenda, which he hopes results in people buying his product.



Neither of the original messages you are quoting from go anywhere near the
territory you are implying. No one said anything about EC being a "God or a
Saint." I certainly did not.  

For my part I tried to make an attempt at a rational explanation.   Not an
apologist or extorting "intellectual contortions." 

For reference below is my original message to the SD in it's entirety:
"Could be something as simple as a faulty or sketchy memory.  Some things he
is asked about in interviews occurred many, many years ago.  And frankly I
imagine public/press put a lot more emphasis on the details of some issues than
EC does.

Granted some events are more important and thus better to easily remember. 
That said I suspect there might be some kind of mix up concerning WT as I would
think he would remember some of the specifics such as where and when that
song was written -- but maybe not.

Also could be that both stories are partially accurate.  Lyrics written at
home waiting on Pattie.  Finished putting the actual music to the lyrics at
Ronnie Lane's pad?  Just a thought............... "

All the Best,

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