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JGuignard at aol.com JGuignard at aol.com
Wed Jan 11 20:53:04 EST 2006

At the website _www.drummerworld.com_ (http://www.drummerworld.com) there
are separate pages for each of many, many drummers with each page listing
that particular person's accomplishments - who he/she played with, etc. In
Andy's page there is absolutely no mention of his being part of Eric's band
during the 1994 NBTB tour. It seems to me that being a part of that band would
be one hell of a feather in one's cap, so perhaps it not being listed is a
result of Andy being asked to depart. Having seen the NBTB rehearsal video and
also having attended the Los Angeles show in Nov. 1994 I found nothing wrong
with Andy's playing. That said, I do wish Jim Keltner would have been the
tour drummer because I totally enjoyed his playing on FTC.

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