[Slowhand] Fwd: A Set List In Five Acts

Ken Norris Ken_Norris at umit.maine.edu
Thu Jan 12 03:09:37 EST 2006

It seems to me that, on the last three tours, EC has been doing a setlist in five acts.

Pilgrim tour (98)

Act One Pilgrim songs

Act Two Acoustic set

Act Three Guitar feature--Old Love, Crossroads, HYELAW, I Shot The Sheriff

Act Four The Hits

Act Five Encore

Reptile tour (01)

Act One Acoustic set

Act Two Pilgrim songs

Act Three I Want a Little Girl to HYELAW or Five Long Years or Stormy Monday

Act Four The Hits

Act Five Encore

Me & Mr. Johnson Tour (04)

Act One Let it Rain to I Shot The Sheriff

Act Two Robert Johnson songs

Act Three Got to Get Better In A Little While & HYELAW

Act Four The Usual Suspect Hits

Act Five Encore

Just something to think about now that we're in 06 and the next tour starts in 100+ days.



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