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Hi All, I believe Cream did play at the Fillmore as many of the official "Live" cuts are credited there. Some were actually mis credited as they were actually at Winterland. In 1967 and 1968 the venue may simply have been "The Fillmore" as the "Fillmore East" didn't exist yet. I have a Cream boot from both '67 and '68 that were recorded at The Fillmore. Bob Enfield
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>> The November 1994 Blues Shows were at the old Fillmore Auditorium, on Geary near Fillmore. <<

Thanks. Although I visited San Francisco once (I lived for nearly a year in Monterey during the mid-'80s), the Fillmore West locations (plural) confuse many of us who never experienced them. In NY, we had the Fillmore East, which was ONE well-appointed theater on Second Avenue. I think it may have been an old, turn-of-the-century (19th-->20th) opera house.

Not sure, but re-reading Richard Millard's e-mail, I get the impression that the Fillmore West was "located" at three different places.

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