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Thanks to Bryan for the great information. There's one typo in his message, though.

Winterland did not close in 1971. It was open throughout most of the 70's, and The Band's "Last Waltz" was filmed there in 1976. As I think Bryan meant to say, It actually closed in 1978, with a show by the Dead. [See their CD set, "Closing Winterland"]

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Bill Graham had three main theaters in San Francisco, although he did promote shows in other SF facilities on occasion.

The Fillmore Auditorium (Bill Graham’s first venue) was located at Fillmore Street and Geary Boulevard. The first show was 10 December 1965 and was headlined by The Jefferson Airplane; the last was on 4 July 1968 and was headlined by Creedence Clearwater Revival.

The Fillmore West, which replaced the Auditorium, was located at 10 South Van Ness Ave and 1545 Market Street in San Francisco, CA. in the old Carousel Ballroom. The first show was on 5 July 1968 and was headlined by the Butterfield Blues Band; the last show was on 4 July 1971 and was headlined by Santana.

Winterland was located roughly at Post Street and Steiner Street. Originally built as an ice skating rink, it had a capacity of 5,400, it was just a short walk from the original Fillmore Auditorium, located at 1805 Geary Blvd. It is now an apartment building. The first show was on 23 September 1966 and was headlined by The Jefferson Airplane; the last was on 29 May 1971 and was headlined by The Grateful Dead.

Much confusion over the years has resulted from Graham booking a band for, say, three nights and have them play the first at the Fillmore (either) and then two nights at Winterland. And he would mix it around other ways as well. And, of course, when people say Fillmore, you don’t know which one they’re talking about unless you know the date. After 4 July 1968 it’s WEST; before, it’s AUDITORIUM.

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