[Slowhand] Thank you, SDers!

Bryan Reid humblephoenix at comcast.net
Thu Feb 2 21:30:41 EST 2006

I got a very pleasant surprise today, and it was from this group. When I
posted about needing help identifying an album EC guested on, I got
responses from right 'round the planet. People offered to translate. People
dug into their own files. One person offered to contact Roberty and did. And
within two hours of my post, I had the all information I needed and more. It
also served as a good reminder to me what a great group this is. We all have
our differences of opinion, and at times we can get into what I like to
refer to as 'our Balkan squabbles', but when all is done and said, this is a
pretty united and caring, supportive group. Thank you, one and all.

As to the album I asked about:

The artist is Yoni Nameri and the album is called "Silence From The Other
World". It's on NMC Records, which I'm pretty sure is either the Israeli
subsidiary of Sony/CBS, or was, or has some sort of regional
license/relationship with them. The album number is CBS 463260-1. EC plays
on one track, the second on side one of the album; the track is entitled
"The Way Of The Eagle". Other guests on the album include Dave Stewart
(Eurythmics), Simon Chamberlin (Paul McCartney's band), and some other
fairly heavyweight European players. The album was recorded in 1988 and
issued the following year. As best I can tell, it was released in Israel and
nowhere else. It's never been reissued, either.

Several people asked about acquiring this album. For a number of reasons,
not the least of which is the M word, I'm putting it up on eBay, along with
the rest of my vinyl collection. I will also be auctioning off my Clapton
vinyl bootlegs off-eBay (I did this several years ago with some of my other
vinyl boots and it worked out well for all concerned). When I'm ready to
start the auction, I will post a notice here so that anyone who is
interested can take a browse through my EC vinyl.

Many thanks to one and all again.


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